About Us

Country Lamb Direct was founded on the philosophy of delivering the finest tasting lamb direct to your door step. We are not a retailer that sells all kinds of meats, we only specialise in lamb because that’s all we know!
Focusing on one kind of meat allows us to ensure that we get 5 key criteria right for our customers.

Our lambs are raised on Terrica Station which is a 50,000 sheep property, Terrica has a history spanning back to the 1800’s and is a property with beautiful rolling hills and plenty of room for our lambs to roam around on. Terrica is located on the southern border ranges between Stanthorpe and Inglewood in South East QLD only 3 hours from Brisbane.

From the inception of Country Lamb Direct it has been a key goal of ours to be able to share our product with the public of Queensland because we are passionate about producing beautiful lamb for your family and friends.

Our point of difference is we deliver whole lambs processed in 19 different cuts and importantly each cut comes from the same lamb. (Please see our Products page), each piece is individually cryovaced and delivered frozen which enables you to put the product straight into your freezer ready to pull out at your convenience for that favorite family occasion.

Our product has more than 4 months shelf life, which is located on each pack of lamb.

If you are wondering how you are going to fit a whole lamb in your freezer, don’t worry! One lamb weighs between 16-19kg of packaged meat and takes up the equivalent room of two racks in a small freezer.
We thank you for being a customer of Country Lamb Direct and look forward to being able to service you for many years to come.


Delivering the finest open Country lamb to your doorstep